We take pride in our emergency and disaster products and the knowledge we have on these items. That said, safety and quality are a priority.


Prepare your student, child and/or classroom with a backpack for school supplies and activity gear or a Children's Survival Kit  (or a smaller version such as the Survival Pal or Mini Survival Kit).
On a larger scale, for classrooms and schools, Classroom Lockdown Kits become a necessity when either a "Lockdown" or "Shelter-in-Place" order is issued. The Deluxe Classroom Lockdown Kits include food and water with a long shelf-life.

Our customers include universities, colleges, fire departments, emergency management, homeowners and businesses. Thank you for visiting, If you would like a quote for large orders, please use the contact us form.

Limited Time Only.........While supplies last or until August 31, 2016.  Group rates and discounts available.

Our backpacks, rolling bags, coolers, and auto bags have been upgraded in terms of strength and durability.



Only $ 14.95

Reg $ 16.95


Only $ 14.95

Reg $ 16.95


Only $ 14.95

Reg $ 16.95


Only $ 14.95

Reg $ 16.95


Only $ 14.95

Reg $ 16.95


Only $ 14.95

Reg $ 16.99


Only $ 16.95

Reg $ 18.95


Only $ 19.95

Reg $ 24.99

Children's Survival Kits

Children's Survival Kit

Only $ 51.95

Reg $ 56.99

Survival Pal for Children

Only $ 29.95

Reg $ 32.99

Mini Survival Kit for Children

Only $ 11.95

Reg $ 13.99

Classroom Lockdown Kits

Classroom Lockdown Kit (30 Students)

Only $ 45.00

Reg $ 48.00

Deluxe Classroom Lockdown Kit

Includes food bars and water (30 Students)

Only $ 89.95

Reg $ 94.00

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We are an emergency, disaster preparedness and outdoor products supplier providing a wide selection of over 250 emergency supplies and disaster preparedness products, including survival backpacks (both with and without food) designed for preparing for a disaster or for camping and the great outdoors.

For your convenience, emergency safety kits for auto or boat , first aid kits and lockdown kits for home, work and school preparedness are available. We also provide emergency preparedness packages, water filtration and purification systems, great tasting quality food and much more.

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"Remember, your own emergency disaster preparedness plan is the key to survival, and your survival depends on how well prepared you are." JJanerico

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